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Landing place on Sint Eustatius (1913):

Two for one? KR21 recommends that the Netherlands abolishes its ‘spare’ copyright act

The Netherlands has not one, but two, copyright Acts. One that is applicable to the European Netherlands and is compliant with EU law and a second act that is applicable solely to the Caribbean Netherlands, the islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius (‘Statia’), and Saba (known collectively as the BES). KR21 has recommended to the Dutch government to abolish the Act that is specific to this small region of the country and to apply the European Netherlands’ Act to the BES, as the current situation is limiting access to information, knowledge and culture for the inhabitants of this part of the Netherlands. …

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Image of a series of Halloween pumpkins with a copyright symbol in the middle

Copyfright? Why we need to take the fear out of copyright

Copyright may be far away from many people’s minds when celebrating Halloween, certainly at least when it comes to shocks or excitement. However, fear is arguably a key driver of the way that we work with copyright, both in applying it on a day-to-day basis, and in approaching it as a subject for advocacy.…

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