Request for Proposals: National Initiatives 2023

Do you have a great idea for a project that would unlock progress towards concrete legal and policy reforms in favour of 21st century access to research, education culture? Apply now to be a Knowledge Rights 21 national initiative!

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash:

Successful advocacy for copyright reform relies a lot on people willing to put in time, energy and expertise to deliver a better deal for learners, researchers, educators, innovators and readers in general.

But sometimes, a little extra push is needed, in order to produce the high-impact research output, event or other activity that builds awareness, allows you to recruit champions, or shapes the debate.

This is what we are looking to do with grants for national initiatives.

These are time-bound projects in support of the Programme’s goals that should produce outputs that can have a measurable and demonstrable policy impact that would not be possible without the Programme’s funding.

We welcome activities such as those outlined below, but of course we encourage you to use your imagination:

  • Events that advance understanding and consensus around issues related to the Programme;
  • Targeted research and evidence gathering that can be used to provide effective support for advocacy using an economic, competition or copyright law approach;
  • Engagement and events with policy makers

Stichting IFLA Foundation expects written offers by 12:00pm CET (Amsterdam Time) on 14 April 2023 (extended deadline). Please send your offer to:

We wish you every success in drawing up your offer.

Please download the full RFP here: National Initiatives for KR21