Knowledge Rights 21 Programme: Centrum Cyfrowe partners with the Future Law Lab to study research exceptions in Europe

Centrum Cyfrowe, a leading Polish think-and-do tank, partners with the Future Law Lab at the Jagiellonian University for a new study funded by the Knowledge Rights 21 (KR21) Programme. Together, they will deliver crucial insights into the patchwork of research exceptions in European copyright laws and their tangible impact on fostering research and innovation.

This research, being conducted between June 2023 and March 2024, has two objectives that will be studied in parallel:

  1. investigating the diversity of research exceptions in European copyright laws; and,
  2. assessing the practical impact of these exceptions on supporting research and innovation in Europe.

What to expect

Part 1: Overview of research exceptions in copyright laws across 28 European countries (EU and United Kingdom)

Outcome: a report and matrix illustrating the functioning of research exceptions (including the private study and text and data mining [TDM] exceptions) in the analysed countries.

Methodology: a review of existing literature and sources, followed by a questionnaire for 28 experts from each EU country and the UK.

Research team:

  • Konrad Gliściński
  • Katarzyna Strycharz
  • Krzysztof Siewicz
  • Ewa Laskowska-Litak

Part 2: Practical experiences of researchers in engaging with copyright laws, including exceptions

Outcome: an assessment of the practical experiences with copyright laws amongst researchers, including exceptions, and exploring other factors and barriers that may impact the way they conduct research and perceive copyright limitations.

Methodology: data gathering will rely on desk research, in-depth interviews with European researchers and focus group interviews. This research effort will be limited to ten European countries.

Research team:

  • Maria Drabczyk
  • Klaudia Grabowska
  • Anna Buchner
  • Katarzyna Fereniec-Błońska

KR21’s ambition

We look forward to sharing the findings of this study in 2024 in order to shed some light on the complexities of research exceptions and their role in advancing or hindering research and innovation in Europe. This effort will help to shape discussions and decisions about the role and impact of research exceptions in the European research landscape.

About Centrum Cyfrowe

Centrum Cyfrowe is a think-and-do tank based in Warsaw (Poland) that supports openness and engagement in the digital world. Together with experts and practitioners open to change, it conducts research and creates space for new ideas, skills and tools development. It strives to ensure that the social interest is always in the first place in the relationship between humans and technology. 

Centrum Cyfrowe participates in national and European legislative processes related to the direction of the development of digitisation and technology. It engages in research and dialogue on legislation and policies based on the voluntary opening of resources with the use of free licenses, as well as other forms of regulation of content circulation, such as rules on online platform responsibility or regulations regarding the re-use of public sector information. It undertakes research and advocacy activities that also involve the openness of public resources in a wide sense of the term, including GLAM, which allows for the full use of its potential in the economy and in the society.