29 January Event: New Legislative Developments in support of Open Science – Bulgaria and Slovenia



This webinar will discuss exciting new legislative developments in Bulgaria and Slovenia to support Open Science. Joining the growing number of countries who are adopting laws to ensure access to publicly funded research we shall explore:

  • How intellectual property barriers to open access are being overcome;
  • How good governmental strategy can promote open science.
  • Provide insights into the Slovenian law which requires immediate open access and licensing of majority publicly funded  materials based on legal requirements mandating rights retention;
  • Examine the new law in Bulgaria, which prevents contracts with publishers from overriding rights retention and the republication of publicly funded articles in open access repositories.

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The Webinar

This event builds on KR21’s research on secondary publishing rights, led by LIBER, and a KR21 author rights retention study undertaken by SPARC Europe.  It further complements previous KR21 webinars on the topic of open access.

After presentations, we have reserved 20-25 minutes for discussion and debate from the panel and our audience.

Why You Should Attend

We’ll treat you to the expert insights and opinions, under the moderation of Benjamin White (UK National Coordinator and KR21 co-founder), of following experts