24 June Webinar: Scientific Innovation and Growth—What should the EU do in its 2024-29 mandate to support research?


  • Date: 24 June, 2024
  • Time: 09:30 -11:30 CEST / 08:30-10:30 BST


This webinar is an opportunity to hear from key actors and thinkers about their perspectives on how the European Union can move up a gear under the next mandate (2024-29). 

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The Webinar

The European Union is the world’s largest transnational research funder, spending tens of billions of Euros on research each year, with Member State governments adding more investment still. Through this, it advances science, responds to key challenges, and supports the bloc’s competitiveness into the future. 

Yet enabling research and its impact on the economy is not just a question of funding. The laws that set out how research and, as highlighted in the recent Enrico Letta report, entire markets can function are also vitally important. Where these rules are supportive, investments go further. Where they are restrictive, they slow the flow of new ideas and innovations and frustrate knowledge valorisation. 

KR21 is focused on bringing the voices of researchers and those who support them proactively into the spaces where laws and regulations that affect the sharing of information and data are made. 

As part of this, the KR21 EU Action Plan for supporting research in Europe brings together these insights, setting out 12 ways in which the European Union can offer a better deal for research, and in turn the economy.

Why You Should Attend

From the perspective of laws and technologies which regulate access and reuse of information and data, participants will take away an understanding of how to optimally support science and research in the post-European election policy space, as well as develop ideas that they can use in assessing and discussing the research-friendliness of frameworks domestically.


  • Keynote: Michael Arentoft – Head of Unit, Open Science and Research Infrastructures, DG RTD, European Commission
  • Panel One | A better deal for the information economy 2024-2029 – The View from Think Tanks & KR21
    • Gerard Oosterwijk – Policy Analyst on Digital, Foundation for European Progressive Studies
    • Maria Alesina – Policy and Research Officer, European Liberal Forum
    • Benjamin White – Co-founder, KR21
  • Panel Two | The institutional perspective on how to better support the information and technology regulatory environment to support scientific advancements and growth
    • Vinciane Gaillard – Deputy Director for Research and Innovation (R&I), European University Association (EUA)
    • Lidia Borrell-Damián – Secretary General, Science Europe.
    • Other speakers TBC
  • Launch of the ‘KR21 EU Action Plan: Knowledge for a Stronger Europe

16 May 2024