15 February Event: Normalising Open Norms? Findings From the CIPPM Study on Experiences of Implementing Flexible Copyright Exceptions Around the World


  • Date: 15 February, 2024
  • Time: 14:00-15h30 CET / 13:00-14:30 BST


What if we took a different approach to the copyright rules that determine what researchers, educators, learners and the libraries that support them can do? Join this webinar to find out about the results of cutting-edge research into global experiences of adopting open norms around the world.

An “open norm” refers to a “general, flexible exception” to copyright law and this presentation outlines the conclusions, findings and recommendations from the Open Norms project funded by Knowledge Rights 21 and conducted by researchers in the Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy & Management (CIPPM) at Bournemouth University.

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The Webinar

The presentation will commence by outlining the implementation and motivation behind the adoption, use and impact of open norms in selected jurisdictions around the world. Focusing on countries with a mixed legal system (Canada, Israel, Singapore and Sri Lanka) and civil law countries (Japan and South Korea), the presentation will highlight how these countries transitioned to an open norm; the benefits and challenges of doing so; the impact it has had in the technology, education, research and library sector; interpretation of open norms by the judiciary; and its use during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The findings from each country point to many benefits in adopting open norms and also present some lessons that can be learned. Outlining these benefits as well as the lessons that can be learned, the presentation will conclude with recommendations and thoughts for the future.

Why You Should Attend

This webinar is aimed at anyone with an interest in the interaction between copyright and research, education and access to culture. Participants will come away with a better idea both of what open norms are, as well as key insights into their application in law and practice that they can use in their own reflection, as well as in advocacy.

This event brings together several esteemed researchers from Bournemouth University’s Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy & Management (CIPPM), namely:

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