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Blow Away the January Blues! 10 Takeaways from four European Commission Studies on Research and Copyright

In agreeing to pursue the Policy Agenda for the European Research Area 2022-24 (ERA Agenda), the European Union’s Member States have taken an important and welcome step towards a more comprehensive policy approach to boosting Europe’s research and innovation performance. Four reports from last summer explore the issues in more depth – this blog offers a summary.…

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Image of a series of Halloween pumpkins with a copyright symbol in the middle

Copyfright? Why we need to take the fear out of copyright

Copyright may be far away from many people’s minds when celebrating Halloween, certainly at least when it comes to shocks or excitement. However, fear is arguably a key driver of the way that we work with copyright, both in applying it on a day-to-day basis, and in approaching it as a subject for advocacy.…

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